Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tip # 31...Establish new family traditions for Family History Month every October

First things first. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We made it through all 31 tips in 31 days of October. Plenty of the ideas from this blog will help you maintain momentum to share your heritage through the entire year.

This last tip needs a family vote to determine how to implement it. I recommend you hold a family meeting to ensure you have every one's input.

First, review the 31 tips on how to celebrate family history month. If you have sampled any of the ideas, you may already have some favorite ways to celebrate.

Second, discuss the 31 ways with family members. What were their likes, dislikes, etc. The discussion should focus on building a win-win solution if there are differences in opinion.

Third, choose one idea, maybe from these 31 tips or something your family uniquely creates, that you can build as your own family tradition. Each family member casts one vote.

Fourth, implement the tradition every October for Family History Month. And, be sure to let me know what fabulous traditions your family will create!

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