Saturday, January 28, 2012

Addition to the family

As many of you are aware, my extended family includes my chihuahua mix shorthair dog, Harrison aka Harry.

Last Saturday we added a member to our household. Ashley christened him Huck named after her favorite Mark Twain character.

We had our share of hiccups as we brought him home. Harry met Huck outside and we went for a walk before the first steps into the house. Harry's territory which was now going to be transformed forever into a two dog home.

There were a lot of getting to know you squabbles, but Harry is definitely the alpha dog. From Saturday to Tuesday we were a bit on edge as we ironed out the kinks of living with two dogs.

When I came home Wednesday night, things were not going according to plan. Huck breathed with great effort and it stuck me as more serious than kennel cough. He hadn't eaten for a day and a half. I immediately called the veterinarian despite having an appointment on Saturday. I caught them at closing and they listened to his breathing over the phone. They recommended that he be brought to the office at 8 a.m. the next day.

Ashley took him and the doctor made three recommendations. Perhaps naively, we accepted the most expensive. However we made the right decision. After radiograms and an IV to build up his fluids, he was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. Antibiotics and fluids were given the rest of the day. I picked him up at 5 p.m., talked with the doctor, found out Huck also has microphthalmia. All of these things would probably have turned off dog o dog adopters. And, yes, it is a bit scary that he already has pneumonia and could be susceptible to more.

But Huck, after only a few days, is already part of the family. And we accept family as is. There is no "turning them back in."

My instincts to get another dog were correct, despite the rocky road we traveled this last week. As Huck continues his recovery, he is slowly regaining his health. For a little one-year old dog who was found on Highway 60 and Dobson, he has grown into our pal and companion for life.