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Pet Peeves of Writing and Expected Mothers

Grammar may seem like an old-fashioned concept.  It doesn't sound fun, unless like me, you enjoyed diagramming sentences in grade school. It sounds serious and perhaps tedious to some of us. For a generation growing up using acronyms as the key to text communication, it can be downright painful. BrB and r u there are mainstays. However, the lack of grammar is what is truly painful.  It is painful for the eyes to see.

One of the most excruciating examples I have seen is in a church parking lot. The church will remain nameless, to protect the innocent. On three parking spots close to the entrance, clearly painted in capital letters are the words, "EXPECTED MOTHERS."

I have looked at those words since 2002 and cringe every time I see it.  What does it really mean?  I do mental gymnastics trying to justify and determine how it came to be.  Did the painter misunderstand the words?  Did the contractor hear the instructions wrong?  Or, did they all think they were correct? Had …

Googling the family name....Veteran's Day Delight

Veteran's Day. A day of memory.  A day of reflection. An emotional day for some, a regular day for others.

As I reflected on Veteran's Day, I thought about the three veterans I knew best. After thanking them in a prayer for their service,  I decided to google their names just to see what would appear on my computer screen.

First,  I googled John Dalhaimer and Joseph Dalhaimer. John, the uncle I never knew, died in World War II in Saipan. Often there is new information online for him but I didn't see anything unusual.  Joseph, my dad, has a number of links but the most dominant one was the 'find a grave" site.

Then I searched for Stanley Bartkowski. I don't often google my father-in-law's name because he died in 1985 long before the internet was commonplace, before personal computers were household items, before and before cell phones were common. And, he lived a full life without those things. Stan was a great sports fan, particularly fond of baseball and…