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Hermione grabbed my heart and never let it go. When I saw her photo on the website of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in April 2013, she was the right size and breed to be the little girl dog I sought to be Huck’s pal. I visited her, was a bit hesitant to commit, but Ashley provided the “push” I needed to bring Hermione home.
Her pure white fur with brown spots was so soft it comforted me to hug her.  She tugged on her leash during all our walks because she always wanted to be ahead of us.  Now she is leading the way through her transition. She was Huck’s buddy and love.  We miss her so much already, and he looks for her in all the dogs we meet on our walks. Hermie is irreplaceable.

Hermione loved to sleep in our bed and had no qualms about positioning herself, the smallest of us, in the center of the bed forcing us to sleep around her. Somehow, we snuggled together, and we all slept well.
Hermie was fierce and brave and never stopped defending her home and family.  She w…