Thursday, December 04, 2014

Pet Peeves of Writing and Expected Mothers

Grammar may seem like an old-fashioned concept.  It doesn't sound fun, unless like me, you enjoyed diagramming sentences in grade school. It sounds serious and perhaps tedious to some of us. For a generation growing up using acronyms as the key to text communication, it can be downright painful. BrB and r u there are mainstays. However, the lack of grammar is what is truly painful.  It is painful for the eyes to see.

One of the most excruciating examples I have seen is in a church parking lot. The church will remain nameless, to protect the innocent. On three parking spots close to the entrance, clearly painted in capital letters are the words, "EXPECTED MOTHERS."

I have looked at those words since 2002 and cringe every time I see it.  What does it really mean?  I do mental gymnastics trying to justify and determine how it came to be.  Did the painter misunderstand the words?  Did the contractor hear the instructions wrong?  Or, did they all think they were correct? Had someone written it and not seen the error of their ways?  And, just what is an "expected mother?"  Do I qualify because I have children and am expected to go to church?   Or, are they trying to give pregnant women a shorter walk to the service? Why do these questions keep flowing through my brain?
I hope the painting was not terribly expensive, but since it has not been corrected, it likely was.

Consider this, besides giving life to my pet peeve and writing this blog, what does bad grammar and poor writing skills cost us?  A recent article in the Huffington Post tells us it is quite expensive. The site merits attention, especially by students who think writing is as easy as texting or talking. Check out the article in full detail at  Basically, the article affirms that bad grammar does cost us.  It costs us money because better writers are paid more, make less mistakes, and perform better at their jobs. And the folks at grammarly know about  grammar and fun.  I became aware of them through their hysterical posts on facebook.  I am certain you will find one that connects with you at

So perhaps diagramming sentences and religiously spelling words correctly is a practice which should continue.. Perhaps  LOL, OMG and IDK could be replaced by reading more classics and creating essays of which we can be proud. Need inpsiration or help to get started?  Visit and they'll review your prose in seconds and make worthy suggestions.  You can prevent grammatical errors! It's radical! Actually, it's just a thought I had before I leave. Now I need to drive to church and grab one of those close parking spots.


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