Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Vacation as a Family Historian

Some people use their vacation time to go to the beach or the big city. As a family historian with a passion for genealogy, those two options do not typically enter my radar.

I am in the middle of the ideal German from Russia family historian vacation.  I flew from Phoenix, to Calgary, Alberta, onto Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where friends drove me to Leader for the "German Russian Cultural Festival." This gathering featured the promised "Renowned German Russian Speakers," and "Guided Bus tour of the local geographic sites."  The festival did not disappoint.

I was honored to be included with Merv Weiss, Norm Fischbuch, Morris Knorr, Elvire Necker-Eberhardt, David Kilwien, and Carolyn Schott as we shared our German Russian research and engaged with an engaged audience.  

I believer everyone walked away inspired to continue their research, enhance the new connections they found,and share their experience with others, especially the next generation.

We can only hope someone will pick up the torch and carry on similar events in Saskatchewan. Many thanks to Tim Geiger for carrying the torch for so long.

Merv Weiss and Tim Geiger

So, how do you top that experience?  I don't know that I can, but my dream vacation continues as I am now in Bismarck, North Dakota for the German Russian Heritage Society convention. Will keep you posted as to what comes into my radar next. 


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