Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tip # 4...Set up a family coloring night

Think you are too old to color? Think again. Consider these endorsements from Brent Belchamber who says:

"[Coloring is} non-competitive, multicultural, share-oriented and it works in every language… it’s also wholesome fun, but for those of us who have a lot of responsibilities, professional or otherwise, … coloring can also be time away from stress and the nagging demands of our own inner dialogue. "

Coloring builds creativity and is much cheaper than therapy. Grab the crayons or markers and you can engage every age in this fun activity. Imagination is contagious when children focus on a set of crayons and a blank page. Coloring cures video game-itis.

For ideas on coloring books, check your local arts and crafts stores, historical society or museum gift shops. Or, visit these Web sites for more ideas.


Check this blog later in the month as a new coloring book devoted to family history debuts. Whatever your heritage or interest in history, you can find coloring pages for everyone’s taste. Remember, there are no mistakes in art. Inside or outside the lines works


Ashley Bartkowski said...

Absolutely Brilliant. You are coming so far; I am inspired!

Anna said...

Coloring is such a great source of inspiraton!