Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tip # 27...Share our true feeling with relatives and friends before it is too late

Relationships come and go. People move into and out of your life, and sometimes we do not have the time to reflect on the reasons why. It happens, often without consent or a conscious choice. Friends move away, anger or jealousy inteferes with a long standing connection. Perhaps some of the people who are very close to us don't know how much we care.

Yet, these people have been a part of our lives, and part of our history. Some friends become extended family members. Some relatives are bound to us with more than blood lines. Have we expressed our true feelings to the people for whom we care? It's not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Letter writing expert Lilia Fallgatter can help. Through her workshops and her book, Lilia has assisted people of all ages and talents to put their feelings into words. If you need inspiration to write letters to family members or loved ones, visit Lilia endured the sorrow of losing a loved one before she could communicate her feelings. Her goal is to prevent it from happening to others. Family History Month is an excellent time to get started.

Letters are a historian’s treasure and provide a window to the past unmatched by today’s emails. Friends and family members helped us and have always been a part of our lives. Isn’t it time to thank them for all of their efforts? If you are like me, you could probably compose a list of individuals to receive your letters. In that case, make the list and set a goal to write one letter per month. Twelve letters in a year is an awesome accomplishment.

If you are not convinced that spending a few minutes of your time recording your feelings is important, consider how you would feel if you were the recipient of one of these letters. I know that answers the question for me.

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