Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tip # 3...Take a tour of with family members

October has definitely arrived! As I sat on my patio, sipped a cup of Black Silk java, and watched the sun brighten behind the clouds, I was immersed in the pleasure of October. It was the perfect preparation for our entry for the 3rd day of Family History Month.

Tip # 3...Take a tour of with family members

Cyndi Howells created a family web page in the early 1990's. At the invitation of her local historical society, she presented a workshop on how to use the Internet to conduct family research. Cyndi, a genealogical Internet pioneer, compiled a list of 10-15 Web sites she used frequently. Her list was a hit and attendees requested extra copies and more links.

Since her workshop, her list has grown to over 264,000 links to her home page. With so many connections, a beginner or sophisticated genealogist can explore for hours. Gather the family and explore the site together. Set a timer for an hour. Start with the tour of the site, it is an outstanding introduction. Be sure to visit the links for "Are You New to Genealogy?" and "Cyndis Blog." I know you will be surprised how quickly the timer rings.

And, in the process, you may just inspire future family genealogists.


Frank said...

Excellent point on using Cyndi's list. Another great website to use, if one is going to search Europe, is It is mostly oriented towards France, but there are a lot of Italian, German, and Spanish names (and others) and trees located on the site. I highly recommend it.

Anna said...

I checked out It is a great site. There is a ton of information just on the names I research. With some of my family from Alsace, it should be helpful for me tracking back on tha family line. Thanks.

Frank said...

I'm glad you like it. I found a user that had info that allowed me to take one branch back another 4 generations into the 1600s. I like the ability to contact other users and to share info and documents.