Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tip # 9...Listen to a book about history, culture or families

One of my favorite places to visit, besides the hardware store, is my local library. I believe both places give me a sense of organization and order which uplifts my spirit. Obviously, I love bookstores, too, however for today's tip, I recommend you start at your library.

Libraries offer an efficient means of locating information. I know, the internet, can also provide information. However, the library provides a detailed, reliable catalog, access to information databases (which normally cost a fee) and provide human contact if needed when at a dead end.

I recommend the library because you have paid for its existence. Yes, I love to buy books, but I also love to read extensively. At the library, I can test out books in the comfort of my home, beach, or patio before I purchase. I can explore unfamiliar authors and find gems without the obligation of ownership. From my home, I can review the entire library catalog by topic or author. I can also request books be set aside for pickup at my convenience. If I choose, I can browse in the library to my heart's content. The other great blessing is the library has a vast collection of audio books.

I love audio books. I learn more listening to audio books in my car than I can possibly learn from reading an actual book during my leisure time. There is a word of caution.

Audio books reduce the stress of your daily commute.

This one idea may change the way you view your travel time forever.

Here are a few historical books ideal for the month of October.
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hossein
  • Any historical fiction book such as John Adams or The Great Bridge by David McCullough
  • Roots by Alex Haley
  • Founding Mothers: The women who raise our nation by Cokie Roberts
  • Any book by John Jakes

Next time you drive past your local library, stop in and check it out. You will be amazed at the resouces available to you. Enter historical topics of interest to you and your family in the online card catalog. The library may simply become a weekly habit. you can't live without.


Frank said...

Thanks to you I got my first library card in many years about 13 months ago. It has probably saved me $500 from buying books. It is such an adventure to wander the aisles and look at the titles. I have read many books that I never would have found at a bookstore.

Anna said...

I went to the library tonight and was looking for War and Peace or Dr. Zhivago on audio books. I found 3 other books to listen to and will request the other two online.