Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tip # 10...Invite the relatives for a potluck celebration

Nothing beats one on one time with the family. And, there is still plenty of time in the month to incorporate this special meal into your plans to celebrate Family History Month.

A potluck celebration is a guaranteed hit with everyone’s appetite since guests bring their favorite family dish without the pressure or stress of traditional holidays. Should the meal celebration be breakfast, lunch or dinner? You choose the best time based on your family's schedule.

Besides a dish to share, ask your guests to bring two extra items.
  1. Ask your guests to write the recipe of their potluck dish on an index card.
  2. Request each member to prepare to share a family memory. Designate one of the guests to write down the memories as each person shares their story. There is no doubt you will uncover stories you never knew.

After the celebration, assemble the stories, recipes and photos of the dinner in a single Word or PowerPoint document. Send attendees copies via email or mail after the event. It will be a great way to commemorate a family event.

If you don’t live close enough to relatives, invite your neighbors or friends. Potluck works anytime and it can be a fantastic way to learn about other families' histories. You may have more in common than you imagine.

Need a recipe to share? See Tip # 6.

P.S. After sharing my broda recipe and contacting Carl Honore, he wrote back to me:

Thanks for your kind email - and for citing me so flatteringly on your blog. Loved reading your thoughts. I'm very tempted to make that Broda recipe.
Good luck with Family History Month!
Slow wishes,

And, thank you, Carl, you made my day!

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