Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tip # 18...Buy a life book for yourself, your partner, parent or grandparent

Life changes. Did you notice? Things firmly in place 3 months ago have faded away. As one phase ends, another begins. For years, I dreamed of taking my children to New York City. We talked about it all of the time. What we would do. Where we would stay. Many, many details in our daydreams.

Life changes. This week my daughter is on her first trip to New York City. She is there as part of a college radio conference. She is on the adventure she and I imagined for over 17 years. In one week, a dream turned to reality. Next week, she will be back in Arizona.

Today's tip is part of keeping track of all those life changes. A life book makes chronicling the details of your life easy. Its pages are covered with questions to help you reflect on your life. As a gift, the book is a viable way to learn about another life's without an interview. Or, it can be the impetus for a follow-up interview with that person.

A life book prompts you to recall events to describe your life to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Fill out a page per day and before Christmas, you will have finished the book. You can give it as a gift to a budding genealogist in your family or save it for adding information every October.

Here are a couple examples of books you can use:

Is there a better way to share your life experience? Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip.

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