Monday, October 01, 2007

31 Days...31 Ways to make your family history live forever

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Ok, I had to say that first thing. It has been a crazy day as Cox internet service has rarely worked at my house. So, I sit here at Java Spot, thoroughly enjoying my Caramel Blended Iced drink as I begin my celebration of Family History Month.
Yes, it's finally here and I am ready to celebrate!

Need inspiration to celebrate Family History Month this October?

This blog will highlight quick and spunky tidbits to bring family history to life for all ages and all cultures. Use one idea or all 31 for fun and celebration of your family's history. Whether you can track your ancestors to the Mayflower or you are ready to embark on your first genealogical search, get ready to celebrate!
Share your successes with me as I publish one tip per day on my blog during October. I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing your comments.

TIP # 1) Discover Family History Month

The purpose of Family History month is “to bring your family together to remember and honor your ancestors,” according to Many groups across the country, including the Family History Society of Arizona, initiated momentum to have October designated as Family History month in 2003. You can uncover more detailed information on this special month at the following Web sites.

So, check out the rest of the 30 ideas to celebrate and honor your ancestors. Use one a day or pick and choose the ones which work best for you to bring your family together.


Frank said...

Rabbit rabbit? It's not fair starting your blog off like that. One of tehse days I'll get you first. I'm looking forward to your daily tidbits.

Anna said...

One has to do what one has to do. It still brings good luck whether blogged or spoken! Soon I will write a blog about tooth and nail and p's and q's to add to the rabbit rabbit collection.