Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tip # 17...Encourage children to record their thoughts and activities during Family History Month

We are more than halfway through Family History month and our countdown on our second half of tips for our celebration has arrived. Today's tip focuses on the next generation of family historians.

The best way to encourage the next generation is to provide them with a way to make family history meaningful to them. They can learn many techniques and build memories by recording their experiences as their family implements some of these tips. By recording their reactions and their memories of Family History Month, they create a special keepsake for themselves and their children.

Paper and pencil work wonders, however there are some new ways to harness their energy in the direction of writing family. Here are a few options:

  • Give them an It’s My Life Scrapbook (available at
  • Find a perfect journal to match their taste at a book store or other retail outlet
  • Purchase a regular school notebook that they can decorate as they desire
  • Create a special document on the computer where all of the next generation can write their experience
  • Offer them a scrapbook and related accessories so they can write, show photos, artwork, or ?

Whatever writing tools you choose, this idea will help them to remember first hand what they experienced with their family during this month and year. Yes, this is a bit of an underhanded tip, I admit. But, is it wrong to encourage children to write for fun? You may have to live with the responsibility of creating a life-long writer. I can accept those consequences. I hope you can, too.

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