Monday, October 15, 2007

Tip # 15...Spend an evening watching old home movies

The latest help wanted ad in the Arizona Republic states "Quarterback Needed: Prior experience a plus, apply immediately at Cardinals Stadium." Yes, how sad for us Cardinal fans. Double sadness for us Diamondback fans. The only other team I love to root for is the Pack and thank goodness they were victorious.

So, the Monday morning let down needs a quick pick-me-up. Our tip today is perfect for a Monday. The idea planted today can come to fruition by the next weekend.

If you are like me, you have old movies on VHS, 16mm or 8mm hidden in the bottomless caverns of your storage areas. I know I have these movies, but I need a few days to wrap my arms around the exact location. Is it in the box in the garage, or near the old projector in the front hall closet?

During the week when you walk through the garage or open the doors to closets, you can survey your surroundings and lock in on the precise spot. Then, by next weekend, you will be ready to retrieve and watch your movies.

Set aside a few hours to watch all of your movies. Create a bit of suspense and design ticket stub invitations with time and place for family members to join you but let the movie title remain a secret. Let the aroma of the hot, buttered popcorn permeate your house and attract the stragglers. Play music until the entire family arrives and turn the volume down low as showtime begins. Get ready to unwind and relax in the privacy of your own home theater as you watch the best movies in the world...your family history.

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