Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tip # 2...Create a family blog

Let technology help you keep in touch with family around the globe.

Blogs help individuals and corporations share their opinions and talk conveniently on line. Why not use a blog as a communication device for families?

A family blog can help relatives discuss events and publish comments at their convenience when hectic schedules prohibit visits and telephone conversations.
Follow these easy steps:

1) Use blogger.com, or your favorite blog site. Most sites make it easy to set up a blog and publish comments quickly. View the demos and you will be quite impressed with the capabilities you can utilize.

2) Send email invitations via evite.com or sendomatic.com to relatives around the world. Include extended family members as appropriate. You control who participates in the blog...just your family or the entire world.

3) Start the discussion with a simple question or a poll. This is a great chance to talk about issues of the day, past events, or favorite memories. Set up a new topic periodically and discover family history straight from the source.

4) Read, enjoy and learn! Tell me about your successes or make recommendations on how you made it work with your family.

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