Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tip # 25...Gather the gang for movie night

I've had so much fun sharing ideas for Family History Month celebrations this October. As we approach another weekend, we need to think entertainment for Tip #25.

Unlike our home movie night, this movie night relies on the professional moviemakers for our viewing pleasure. And, the family gets to choose a historical favorite film that works for everyone. Plan for plenty of popcorn, ice cream, soda, chips, salsa, pita bread, hummus or whatever refreshments draw crowds in your household.

Movie ideas include, but are not limited to:

· Fiddler on the Roof
· 1776 (The musical which features a very young William Daniels aka Mr. Fenney from Boy Meets World)
Dr. Zhivago
Gone with the Wind
· Roots

· The Diary of Anne Frank
· The Jazz Singer (the song Coming to America makes the entire movie worthwhile).
The Russian Ark
· Russia: Land of the Tsars
· Catherine the Great
· Anastasia
(great animated adventure to enjoy with the youngsters)
· Nicholas and Alexandra

These are a few of my favorites, and with the vast selection of historical films, I am sure you can select at least 3 or 4 movies from an historical era which impacted your family.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!


Frank said...

Ahhh. Two of my favorite movies have been listed. Fiddler on the Roof is definitely the best ever. Watching Topol play Tevya (perfection)makes me wonder how good Zero Mostel had to be to pla Tevya on Broadway.
Russian Ark is incredible. A 90 minute film without a break inthe filming. The actor who plays The Count Custine is incredible.
I like the way you bring them into the geneaology aspect of your blog. They both deal with Russia. They both deal with traditions and how they change throughout the years. And, they both deal with how different generations view family, culture, and traditions within a changing society's framework. Kudos!!!!! (and thanks).

Anna said...

My father used to play the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof every Saturday morning starting before 6 a.m. I awoke to the sounds of "Tradition" and thought he was crazy. Then he would sing along. This, oddly enough, has become one of my favorite memories. Of course there was the time I saw Topol on I need to watch the movie and relive these memories and pass them on.

I know my selections were strongly Russian, but that is what happens when your family lives in Russia for two hundred years.

I barely tapped the iceberg on all of the movies of historical family values, but it's a start.