Monday, January 11, 2010

Another great entry for the Family History Expo Contest!

Our latest photo entry comes from Frank Sortelli who shares the following story.

"Here is one of my favorite family photos. It is a picture of my Great-Great-Great Uncle, Dr. Marie Antonin Campdoras. This picture was taken in Topeka , Kansas, around 1880, four years before his death in 1884. He was very ill and just getting ready to travel back to France for the first time since 1851. Why did he leave France? He was exiled upon pain of death for taking part in a coup d'etat against Napolean III who had ended the republic and declared himself emperor.

Antonin was a man who didn't compromise in his belief of equality and freedom for all men. He gave up everything to fight for freedom in France and was exiled. He was an early settler in Topeka, Kansas and fought as an abolitionist in the battles against the pro-slavery Kansans. He fought as a major in the civil war on the Northern side to preserve the Union in which he so greatly believed. You can still see the passion and fire in his eyes as he looks into the camera. "

An incredible story to match a distinguished photograph from 1880. Thanks, Frank, for sharing a great part of your family history.

Share your favorite historic photo with us by emailing your picture to with a brief description of how you received the photo and why this photo is such a special part of your family. Deadline for the contest is January 15. Winner receives two free tickets to the Mesa Family History Expo on January 22 and 23. For more details and the schedule of events, visit

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