Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Intentions beat Resolutions every day

Resolutions? No way. Resolutions are for wimps. If you really want changes, you need to put the intention out in the universe and let the universe respond. That is, envision yourself as having already achieved your aim, whatever it is, and the world and opportunities will come to your doorstep. The opportunity may not come as you think it should and you still need to act on it, but you set the stage to create your new world through intentions.

I have a few new intentions for 2010...and I find the more specific I am on a couple of items, the quicker it comes true.

For example, I told my family I wanted to make a tuna casserole today. So, what did I observe? Every show on the Food Network used tuna! It's true. Try it yourself with some easy intentions and work your way up to the big changes.

Here are my intentions for 2010:

1) Say yes to projects only after some reflection about what is the best way to spend my time. If time is money, I want to invest wisely.

2) Say yes to people who share the vision of a brighter future for the entire world.

3) Say yes to tracking back my family history at least one more generation. My inspiration for this research will come from the Mesa Family History Expo. I just know it will.

Three is more than enough for January. And, once these are standard operating procedure for me, I will add a few more and in a year, my intentions will be a habitual way of life. One step at a time. I wish the same for you in 2010.

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