Sunday, November 30, 2008

Argentina...visit to Protestante

OK, by now, you have accepted the fact that there is no way I can cover my visit to Argentina in chronological order. So, today I'll share some of the pictures of our visit to Protestante.

I already discussed some of the group and our lunch. The group there was extremely hospitable and presented the President of AHSGR, Jerry Siebert, with a wonderful plaque.

We also stopped at their church and cemetery. As I mentioned, I found a few family names there and will need to do more investigation to discover where the connection lies. The cemetery is a small town version of the City of Angels cemetery in Buenos Aires.

The clean beauty of the village is evident in the pictures. My favorite memories of Protestante are how pleased everyone was to meet us, how marvelous their hospitality was despite my limited attempts at German and/or Spanish, and how similar our culture is despite the language barrier. My only regret is I did not get everyone's name but perhaps my fellow travelers will be able to help me identify the villagers in the group photo.


Alejandro Müller said...

Anna: hi!,what a coincidence...I was just looking at you blog and the pic you show of the graveyard in Aldea Protestante, just shows the tombs of a sister of my granfather, Katharina Müller and next to it, her husband Johannes Stürtz (both with the iron fence)- nice pics!

Anna said...

Hi Alejandro,

I took so many pictures of the cemetery in Protestante because I found some Reimers there. It is a true coincidence that I posted a relative of yours! A happy coincidence.

Thank you for noticing! Will you be heading to Canada for the Germans from Russia convention?