Saturday, November 08, 2008

Immigrant Museum for Buenos Aires

On Tuesday, we visited the Immigrant Museum at the puerto of Buenos Aires. Not all immigrants entered the country through this port, however there are records for those that did enter here.

The museum shows a video which transports you back to the late 1800's. It shows the ships, the immigrants and some of the famous Argentines who passed this way. Despite the Spanish language, the video was quite understandable.

The Immigrant Museum was also called the Immigrant hotel because it was used as a transition point which provided housing for immigrants.

I checked for records for Dalhaimer, Herzog, Reimer, and Herrmann. They printed out many, many pages for me. I also asked for records on Messer and Kroneberger for my friends Jim Messer and Andy Kroneberger. I received a number of pages and will forward to them when I return home.

Lunch before the Immigrant Museum

Our Group Enters the Museum

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Frank said...

The museum sounds fantastic. I bet the info you got is going to be very helpful. And, I see that Stella was your beverage of choice for lunch. Very nice.