Thursday, November 06, 2008

From Buenos Aires to Rosario to Parana

Third time trying to save to this message. Cross your fingers!!!

We traveled from Buenos Aires to Rosario to Parana yesterday via bus. Rosario is a slightly de-energized Buenos Aires with one million people. The contrast of poverty and wealth dominated our thoughts yesterday. I have many pictures to share, but as I mentioned I attempted to post this message three times, so I will leave it sans photo and try to add later.

Today we are off to Valle Maria (Marienthal) and other colonies. Will update as soon as I can.

Ok, so I was able to upload a picture! Anyway, you can imagine my surprise as we drove on Ruta 9 to see the Johnson Controls office! It is a blurry picture at best. I did however get a picture of this futbol stadium. Saw two huge billboards of David Nalbandian, yet could not snap my camera fast enough.

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Frank said...

The JCI Office? I hope they didn't ask you to help them with their backlogs! It looks like you are having an exciting start to your trip.