Friday, December 05, 2008

Argentina...village of Brasilera

Brasilera was the first German Russia village we visited in Argentina. We were greeted at the church by a very enthusiastic group. My notes from my journal read as follows:

Left the Gran Hotel at 9:30 a.m. and drove to Brasilera.

We were welcomed by a group of German Russians at the church and Judy met Julia Gareis. Judy shared her Pleve Chart with Julia and it took many people to hold the chart as you can see in the picture below. Judy left the chart as a gift for her cousin Jose Gareis.

Brasilera was founded by Volga Germans who originally settled in Brazil and moved to Argentina for greener pasture. It is the second village founded in Argentina by German Russians.

Is it possible to get thirty Germans from Russia to stand still and be still? This photo proves it is highly doubtful.

And, the videos below adds further doubt to the stillness and quiet theory.

More evidence....

One quiet reflective scene by which to remember Brasilera...

Beautiful Brasilera...a wonderful village in Entre Rios.


Frank said...

The pictures and videos are fantastic. i can't believe how much you fit into just 2 weeks. It is amazing how there is such a close bond between the two German-Volga grouops even though many years and miles separate their leaving of Russia.

Anna said...

You are correct, when I look back on eerything we did, the people we met, the land we covered, it is almost inconceivable. Yet, I know I was there and I did it.

It is amazing how certain traditions and culture prevail no matter which country one is in.

Anonymous said...

Visit In this site are pictures of alemanes del Volga of Entre RĂ­os, Argentina.
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Anna said...

I will add your site to my blog. Thank you so much for your comment. Did you meet us at the Valle Maria church when we visited?

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately. It was not when we visited.
My name is Marcelo Rivero and I'm responsible for Press and the municipality of Maria Valle, and update the site