Saturday, December 06, 2008

Argentina...San Ignacio Misiones

While I've been back in the United States for a couple of weeks, my memories of Argentina become more and more poignant. Today I found a way to extend my trip.

December 6th is the feast of St. Nicholas. I know eveyrone is familiar with St. Patrick's Day, but my German family always acknowledged the feast day of St. Nick. As a child we put stockings between the front door and storm door on Dec. 5th, the eve of the feast day. When we awoke on the 6th, we ran to the door and our stockings were filled with candy, oranges, and small trinkets. We loved this day.

I continued this tradition with my children and today was no exception. I awoke and St. Nick left me a copy of the movie, The Mission.

You may not remember this 1986 film which starred Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons and received seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture. The storyline includes Jesuit missionaries and the glorious Iguazu Falls. I saw the movie in 1986, but have not watched it since that time. It was a daunting and powerful movie, it left an enormous impressions yet some of the details blur.

After we left Iguazu Falls in Argentina, we stopped at the Wanda Mines and, on the same day, Le Misiones San Ignacio.

As the sun set, we toured the grounds and were quickly transported back in time. We learned the importance of the bells ringing at the mission and viewed the ruins in their peaceful quiet space.

The entire group gathered for one of our best photo opps.

There were so many other wonderful are just a few samples.

As I start to watch the movie, I am again in awe of Iguazu Falls. The visit can never be far from my mind when I know I have these views from La Misiones.


Frank said...

One word...Superb!!! Now I want to see the movie.

Anna said...

I lent the movie to Judy yesterday and will probably get it back on Saturday. You can be sure you are next on the list to see it.