Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vino, Cervasa y Comida in Argentina

I have more and more stories to share about Argentina. While Judy and I gave our presentation to the local Chapter yesterday, I still have more stories to share about my journey.

Today I want to remember the fabulous wine, beer and food. Now you would think it would be relatively easy to eat in a country like Argentina which is famous for its beef and ice cream. Yes, it would be easy, except I don't eat red meat or dairy products and my Spanish was not so good.

So, I carried a note and shared it with my waiters and waitresses. It read, "No karne, no quesa, no leche." Below it I wrote, "Ok pollo, pes y pasta." Sometimes this worked amazingly well. Other times I was a bit hungry. However, everything I ate was fabulous. And the wine and beer was tremendous as these pictures testify.

While I did not eat the beef, I ate some of the best chicken I have ever had. One of the best meals we had was during our overnight bus ride to Iguazu. An accident sent us on a detour, and we ended up at a roadside restaurant. We had some trepidations, but the chicken I ate was outstanding.

Most of these pictures are from meals in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Iguazu Falls and Gualeguaychu. More to come tomorrow when I share some of the meals we shared with our fellow Argentine Germans from Russia.

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