Monday, December 29, 2008

III Congreso Nacional Alemanes del Volga

It's been over a month since our visit to Coronel Suarez and our presentation at the Congreso. It was a great day and I met some fabulous people.

The people at the Congreso celebrated our German heritage in song, dance and food.

One of the speakers, Nestor Baier wanted to meet people from Kansas so I introduced him to Harry and Marge.

My three new friends, Sophie, Haffner and Agustina.

Judy, Jerry and Jan review the settler lists in the library.

Everyone toured the booths and I purchased the Jakob Riffel book in Spanish as incentive for me to learn the Spanish. So, Spanish for Dummies, here I come!


Frank said...

Do they wear Lederhosen in Argentina? And, if they did, what would they be called? but, Oomp-Pah music is Oomp-Ph no matter where you are.

Ashley Bartkowski said...

Becky, you and me have to go there together, someday.