Friday, January 21, 2011

Ultimate Google Search Strategies

Basic search symbols can make or break your google searches And Lisa Louise Cooke shared her techniques for getting the best out of your search engine.

You probably know the AND and Or and - (minus) features. These features are crucial if your - family name is Coffin, Ivory or All (as indicated by one of the attendees).

Quotation marks - If you want an exact phrase, use quotation marks around your words. Adding a date can help, too. You can also go straight to the Advanced Search on the google page.

Tilda search - To get the best results, on a synonym search, use the Tilda in front of your words to let google know you are OK to have synonyms used in the

Asterisk search-insert an asterisk if there could be a word inserted between the phrase you use.

Numrange Search - especially helpful to use ancestor's name and the years as 1790...1830.

Advanced Search Strategies include:

Find a great family website? Find out who linked to it by copying the URL and go to google and paste the URL and the word link with no space between link and the URL address. You will find others who could be relatives!

Related search-Use the word relate instead of link and you may find related websites.

Key words and symbols: plus the URL Home Page can find information faster especially in

The syllabus details more of these searches. Be sure to check the left column on Google to see the latest options for pictures, photographs, drawings when you are searching for images.

Google Books, especially those out of copyright, can be downloadable. Good historical information for any genealogist. Also check which searches all libraries.

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