Friday, January 21, 2011

Skeletons in your closet?

M Bridget Cook was the guest speaker at the Friday night dinner for the Family History Expo in Mesa this evening.

Bridget is a focused and spiritually mature woman who knows how to deal with adversity. Her vast writing experience on difficult and sometimes appalling topics make her the ideal choice to explain how to deal with skeletons in our own family history closet.

Should real names be used? Yes, if it is a record for your family alone. If you are going public with your story, you need to protect the innocent, and sometimes the guilty, too.

Bridget was a great inspiration to all who heard her tonight. As I imagine she is to everyone she interacts with on a daily basis. Sensitive issues beyond what most of us have in our family background require expert understanding which Bridget certainly provided. I was glad my daughter was able to join me in such a memorable event. Find out more at

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Family History Expos said...

Thank you for the great recap of our Friday night event. We think Bridget Cook is pretty special, too! Glad you enjoyed her talk.