Saturday, January 29, 2011

My favorite food growing up...

My favorite food growing up was the German Russian fare made by my mother and grandmother. And, because my ancestry is German Russian, and we love all foods, I have to pick my favorites by category:

1) Soup--Green Bean Soup=made of dumplings, green beans, and potatoes with thick broth. Yum!

2) Main course- Cottage Cheese Mauldasha --Called by many other names, this was made with a basic dough cut into squares, filled with cottage cheese mixture, pinched together into a square, boiled and served with butter. It is our Christmas Eve tradition!

3) Pink Peppermint Cookies -- Shown in the picture above, these treats were peppermint delights in pink cookie form. I remember when we drove over to my grandma's house, I always hoped she had baked these cookies. Usually she had a batch waiting for us in her kitchen.
Now I am definitely hungry!

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Sheri said...

OK got to have the Green Bean soup recipe.