Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Day to Relax, Recoup and Reminisce on a Great Family History Expo

After a busy two days at the Arizona Family History Expo, I slept late. I plan to savor and record all of the great information and ideas I can pursue in my family history.

Holly Hansen's concluding remarks helped to wrap up a fabulous event. The opportunity to get to know her better during the last two days was a distinct pleasure for me. Since I lived in Tennessee for ten years, I understood her dilemmas of tracing Georgia ancestors.

Thanks to those who attended my workshops. Arizona is not a hotbed of Germans from Russia. It is always a risk to discuss a narrowly focused topic such as "Discovering Your German Russia Roots" but one I was willing to take to help fellow researchers. The attendees were very interested and asked good questions. I also met someone from my own ancestral village of Mariental!

The "WRITE to the Heart of the Matter for Genealogists" was also a great experience and I think all of us walked away with new ideas on how to approach our family history stories. Let's keep in touch so we can continue to encourage each other on our writing journey.

Special thanks also to Ashley, Frank, Ed and Judy who supported me this week when I needed it most. I truly appreciate it.


Barbara Poole said...

I'm glad you had a nice time there, seems it was successful. Other than for the lectures, I would have liked the weather (I'm one of many dealing with the cold and snow.) Thanks for your report.

Family History Expos said...

Anna, it was a pleasure having you as such a valuable part of the Arizona Family History Expo. We can't do it without wonderful people like you!

Sheri said...

Mariental! My family is from Obermonjou. They came to Ellis County, Kansas in 1878 along with almost the entire village. They had been in Obermonjou since the 1750's. They were one of the very few Catholic villages. Wasn't Mariental another Catholic village?

Anna said...

Sheri, yes, Mariental was a Catholic village. My family was among the original settlers: last names Herrmann and Thalheimer (Dahlheimer, Dalhaimer). My grandparents left in 1913 so most of their family was left behind in Russia. They followed the harvest through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and California until finally settling in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Anna, it was nice meeting you last weekend in the Blog House.