Thursday, October 16, 2008

Terrific Thursday....

Work has been a bit of a challenge this week so I welcomed a brief reprieve to join the CFMA (Construction Financial Management Associationlunch at the Arizona Country Club for lunch. The guest speaker today was Joe Garagiola Sr.

Chances are, you already know how baseball is a major part of my family history so today was extra special for me. I laughed so hard, I cried. Joe was hysterically funny and eloquent. He told stories about many of the ball players he knew including one about Gus Bell. After the lunch I had a chance to talk with him and tell him how I played baseball for years with a Gus Bell glove. My glove was a hand-me-down from my Uncle Fred. I still have it.

Joe was a wonderful person to meet. I attached a copy of a picture my boss took with his cell phone even though it is a bit blurry. But, I believe you can get a sense of happiness from it.


Frank said...

I am so jealous. You seem to attract the well known person into your sphere. Of course, Joe G is no Paul Newman in looks, but he is a great guy all the same. Yes, i am jealous. The most famous person i ever met was Lassie and he was peeing on my foot at the time. That's when I disovered Lassie really wasa 40 year old midget in a dog suit (smoking a cheap cigar).

Anna said...

Famous people just come in and out of my life. There are famous people you meet, famous people you see and who see you, famous people you see and who never see you, and famous people you think you see but it's really not them. I think you could write a book about those kinds of experiences.