Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life vs. Plans

My life has been so busy with work, family relationships, etc. that I haven't followed through on my plans. So, what is more important, life or plans?

Obviously both are important. And while my plans are important, life comes first. It has to. My job, my children will always demand my immediate attention. Being with family is what counts during family history month. So, my editing and writing has been on the back burner so far this month.

Yet, my plans ultimately turn into life. Like my plan to go to Argentina. I read one book and have another book to read, I have an itinerary, yet I don't feel like I understand or am prepared for my travels. Perhaps it's because I have too many other tasks to finish before I leave.

My main reason for the trip is to visit Entre Rios Province where German Russians from Mariental, Russia settled the colony of Valle Maria. My Discovery Channel Insight Guide is a good resource, but Valle Maria is not the most likely tourist destination for travellers. However, I have found details and pictures of the town at Pictures of the church dominate, but give me a clue of what to expect on my journey.

Our hostess in Argentina is Isabel Kessler and some of the original settlers of Valle Maria were Kesslers from Louis. There are also a number of Hermanns on this list. I will have to check some of my research and see if I can connect my line of Herrmanns to these Hermanns. Of course, most of the families of the German Russian villages intermarried over the years so a third cousin could also be your brother-in-law so there has to be a tie somewhere. Just like a needle in a haystack, I know it is there.

from the first site developed by Concordia University, I linked to This Argentine site is in Spanish however the links and the maps are valuable for me to get my bearings.

As I continue to live my life and create my plans, my excitement for my trip is re-ignited. Only nineteen days to go, busy days of living and preparation.

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Frank said...

I am so happy for you. It is so wonderful that you have this opportunity to go on such a wonderful trip. There is always a lot to do before being away for two weeks, but relax and enjoy the preparation. Each task you complete is one step closer to Argentina (and its great wine).