Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memories continued...

My daughter Ashley wrote some of her memories of her grandparent's house this week. What tops that in the world of family history? I'm elated.

August 15 is Ashley's paternal grandmother's birthday. When we saw the movie The Natural was on television last night, we decided to watch it.

The Natural, in case you have forgotten, is a baseball movie starring Robert Redford, Glenn Close (yes I saw her on Broadway), Wilford Brimley, Kim Basinger, Darren McGavin and Richard Farnsworth. Ashley never saw the movie. I have watched it many, many times.

Baseball is part of our family history. It was the sport for both of Ashley's grandfathers, her great uncles and many other family members who made their names locally and regionally from it. Ashley's father has even been mistaken for Kirk Gibson, whose famous home run most resembles the end of the movie.

When Ashley saw Richard Farnsworth's character, Red Blow, she asked where she had seen him before. She believed she knew him. I thought of all of Farnsworth's movies, but could not imagine Ashley had seen any of them. We checked for all of his credits, and not one made a connection to her.

Of course, I knew who in our family history, most resembled Red Blow. From his mannerisms, to his baseball knowledge, to his unassuming style of communication, Richard Farnsworth reminded everyone of Ashley's grandfather, Stanley Sr.

One of my favorite scenes is when Iris Gaines, the woman in white, stands up during a crucial at bat. Everyone thinks she is an angel. Of course, Grandma B was Grandpa B's angel.

Why did this actor strike such a reaction in Ashley? She never met Grandpa B. He died in 1985, she was born in 1991. I can't explain it, but I know recognition when I see it. Sometimes we just can't tell exactly where the memory comes from.

Happy 86th Birthday Grandma B.

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Frank said...

Happy b-day to your Grandma! Baseball is such an important part of our American history. I love the movie The Natural beause it seems to capture that love for the game, as does A League of Their Own. I actually prefer the movie to the book because in the book Roy strikes out and it ends with him walking alone in the rain. I prefer the dramatic home run, a la Kirk Gibson.