Friday, August 01, 2008

July 30 Revisited

On the morning of July 30 I walked to downtown Casper intent to visit the Nicolaysen Art Museum. I quickly learned everyone in Casper calls it "The Nic." The former power company building was extensively renovated in 1990 for use as the local art museum.

Their discovery center is a phenomenal ways to kids to experience and live art in a well conceived environment. As a museum lover, I applaud allowing kids to experience art their way while I try to experience as an adult.

I discovered an artist with whom I was not familiar. His name is Bob Coonts. Since I draw coloring books, I enjoyed the clean lines of his work and the bold burst of color. Check for yourself at

The main draw at the Nic is the new Pulp Function exhibit. Yes, paper is the primary medium in this exhibit. I was awed by the imagination and skill of the artists. Some of the dresses in the exhibit would be winners on Project Runway. Two works of curator Lloyd Herman's masterpiece stood out to me because of their titles and the synchronicity of my visit to Casper.

**Joseph (The Life of Joseph) by Anna Kronick

**Maggie's Walk by Arlene Gitomer

I bought the brochure about the Pulp Function exhibit and the two dimension photographs of the works are excellent, but the three dimensional work affords a better appreciation of what the artists have truly accomplished with the paper medium. For more information on the exhibit, visit

OK, now I'm caught up on the art trek. Two more days of historical conference to catch up on and only one day of the conference to go!

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