Saturday, August 02, 2008

August 2 Blessings

I have been blessed this week with the company of many great people in Casper, Wyoming. There are a few who stand out.

My friend Don Kraemer of Tucson, Arizona attended the conference and brought his sister, Marianna. Don and I originally met at an Arizona Sun Chapter meeting a few years ago. Both of us were born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin so our conversations trigger memories of our youth for both of us. His sister, Marianna, just as quickly became a fabulous friend. They had to leave the convention early this morning and I will miss them during my last day here. We shared many laughs together, and I nominated Don for the AHSGR national board. I know with Don so close in Tucson I will see him at our next Sun meeting. When I have the opportunity to travel to Sheboygan again, I will be certain to visit Marianna.

Yesterday afternoon I met with Maxine and Ron Fiman and Cleon Davis. I have corresponded with Maxine for over a year since she emailed me about our common family name. Her grandfather was Nicolaus Thalheimer (Dalhaimer). Maxine, Cleon and I share the ancestral village of Marienthal on the wiesensiete of the Volga River. Maxine and Cleon share Rohr family lines, and Cleon and I may well share Herrmann lines, but there are so many Herrmanns we could not pinpoint where.

Maxine shared with me her interview with her grandmother, Pauline Dalhaimer. Pauline's information verified the oral history passed down to me from my grandmother. Both Nicolaus and Johannes Thalheimer went to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They worked the beet fields across the country. My grandmother adopted my Aunt Tinie in Fresno, and Pauline's interview mentions Johannes while in Fresno.

Maxine's uncle John, who is 97, lives in Washington. Maxine will ask him if he remembers anything about my grandfather Johannes. Her uncle John was born in 1910 and I have always wondered if when Johannes left Sheboygan, he contacted Nicolaus again. Maxine has tried to discover more information from her uncle John in the past without successs, so cross your fingers. She will also pursue DNA testing with him.

I never thought I would contact someone who could understand the Thalheimer family. I am so delighted that Maxine does.

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Frank said...

That is fantastic that you've made some genealogical contacts. I hope it proves fruitful for you.