Saturday, August 23, 2008

Argentina on the horizon....

The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia plans a trip to Argentina in November. I thought at length about the pros and cons of going with the group. Let's first consider the cons:

1) The trip is a two week commitment. In corporate America, two weeks away can be career suicide.

2) It's a foreign country, and my Spanish "ist nicht so gut."

3) The flight to Argentina is a minimum 14 hours in the air.

Now let's consider the pros:

1) Argentina is home to many German Russians who moved there in the late 1800s. Once there, they established villages and used the same names of their Russian colonies for their new homes. My ancestors came from Mariental and there is a town called Mariental in Argentina. Could there be family there?

2) One of my good friends from the Arizona Sun Chapter has planned to go to Argentina since we first heard of the trip last year.

3) The schedule includes a stay in Buenos Aires, and visits to the historical immigrant museum, tango show and German Russian homes in Entre Rios.

4) A fabulous tour of Iguazu falls. Check out the video clip below and you will see what I mean.

After much internal debate and contemplation, I decided to travel with the group. Now I can hardly wait to get there.


Frank said...

You made the correct choice. Iguazo Falls or a torrent of crapola from co-workers? Buenos Aires or another trip to Tucson for work? I think the choice is clear. Oh, 14 hours in the air with no cell phone? Pure heaven!!!

Anna said...

Another pro! I didn't even think about the cell phone issue. Thank you for backing up my decision.

becktronbexbecky said...

I'm so excited for you! Take billions of pictures, please. Will you be able to blog from Argentina?

Anna said...

I hope so. I';m reading the book "Argentina Enchantment of the World" it says:

"Internet cafes are popular in Argentina. Buenos Aires alone has about nine thousand."

Do you think I will be near one? Probably not at the falls, but I certainly try to connect somewhere, somehow.

Ezekiel said...

Hi Anna!

I'm Ezekiel from Argentina, and I'm of Volga German descent too. I like very much your blog, congratulations for it.

My grandmother still bakes Riwwelkuchen (our typical Kuchen with the Streusel toping), makes Kreppel (or Grebbels), and makes many other Volga Germans' receipes in Argentina, and my mother continues with it.

I would like to help you if you come to Arg, feel free to contact me, please.


Anna said...

Hi Ezekiel!

It is so good to hear from you. I am so glad to hear from a Volga German in Argentina.

Do you know which village in Russia your ancestors came from?

I made grebel this weekend and like to make the German Russian foods. My mother taught me how to do it, but she still makes it the best.

When in Argnetina, I know I will meet Isabel Kessler. On Nov. 16 we attend the third Congress of Volga Germans which meets in Coronel Suarez. Will you or your family attend? Keep in touch. I would like to hear more from you.