Saturday, May 31, 2008

Relatively speaking...relationships to be determined

The more people you meet, the closer you come to people to whom you might be related. In particular, I have two new leads.

First, I learned of a site for Germans from Russians who moved to Argentina. It provides a list of descendants who live around the globe who may have ties to this group.

Second. my friend Andy has a distant relative who is a descendant of Herrmanns from Mariental, Russia. I sent an email to her today and will keep you posted on the results.

On a disappointing note, the research on Margaretha Bach has come to a dead end, no genealogical pun intended. It appears the Margaretha who was found actually married Jean Behr not my ancestor Johann Nickolaus Herrmann. So, the search continues....

But between all of the books I need to read, all of the classes I may attend, and all of the other potential connections, I know my journey has a long way to go.

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