Sunday, May 04, 2008

Miller Park and Memories

My favorite Brewer fan, Lorie, treated me to an outing at Miller Park on Wednesday, April 23 and again on Saturday, April 26. The first time was for a victory in which Derek Turnbow saved the day (in near heart attack fashion) against the Phillies. The park is one of the best for baseball. The music, the setting and lights are fabulous. If you walk in as a lukewarm fan, you will leave as a true fanatic.

Of course, the retired player numbers of Yount 19 and Molitor 4 arouse memories of my entire life. But one of my favorites is still Aaron 44 who played at the first MLB game I attended in Milwaukee before the Braves moved to Atlanta. Baseball and softball are so closely knitted to my family history, both in attending games and spending great times with family. I can see highlights of Dennis Eckersley and Kirk Gibson and I know exactly what was going on in my life.

The Saturday visit to Miller Park was for Lorie to collect a signed baseball. The posted pictures reflect that day and was my first time on the Miller Field diamond. Kevin Weeks, second baseman, was in the dugout where Lorie collected her Carlos Villanueva autographed baseball.

Despite Turnbow's subsequent departure from the Brewers and their loss again today, the game goes on and the memories continue to grow. Thanks, Lorie.

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Frank said...

Ahhhhhh. Baseball and springtime. Hotdogs (even though I'm a vegetarian) and peanuts accompanied by a frosty beer. What could be better? Well, maybe if my Padres get off their butts and start winning again. At least the D-Backs are showing some skill. Best winning record in both leagues.