Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Rage Phrase

You need to check out the latest wit and wisdom from three fingered frank. His blog made its debut this week after I nagged him for nearly a year. I have been the recipient of his repertoire for years and he is at his best in a quick easy to read blog format.

His humor is legendary among his friends and he is an avid historian. This is the same guy who spent over five hours at the family history center with me reviewing filmstrips of Luxembourg census information from 1675 to 1798. Who else do I know who is fluent in French and would help me review an entire century of village listings? (BTW, we found a Nicolaus Herrmann in the census who is more than likely a distant ancestor of mine!). I call him the ultimate Renaissance man. Check it out today at and enjoy!

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Frank said...

Wow. I'm honored. But you didn't "nag" me, it was more of a gentle push....shove....kick to the rear? It was fun at the family history center checking the records. I am amazed that so much can be gleaned from civil records about living conditions, quality of life, etc.
I think what struck me the most was the fact that even in a predominately French area, there were German and English names of property owners. I wonder how and why they decided to live where they ended up. Now that we have searched Luxembourg, it time to move on to Moselle and Germany. My eyes are starting to whine already.