Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day again

How quickly the year passed since last Memorial Day! The flags line the entryway to Cooper Commons dutifully on guard again. The wind tosses and flicks the colorful stripes until the stars stand straight out at attention. Memorial Day encourages memories of all kinds so my historical research figures prominently today.

Another year passes and what have I accomplished on my genealogical journey? I have accomplished much but the more I learn, the further I have to go.

For example, I completed my first course from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. The Institute partners with the Professional Learning Centre, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto. I won the certificate for the class when I attended the Milwaukee Genealogical Society's event in April 2007. Courses can be reviewed at

I opted for the class German: Introduction to German Research for North Americans. The resource list alone from this course is immense. I need to add these books to my "to read" list at This course inspired me to investigate the Margaretha Bach connection to my family which lead me to the Bettviller/Bitche/Luxembourg connection. It also led me to read two books; Luxembourg Enchantment of the world and The Grand duchy of Luxembourg, The evolution of nationhood 963 A.D. to 1983. Excellent books which help me to realistically understand exactly why my ancestors chose Russia instead of Moselle. I need to reflect more to determine if I should pursue my certificate in German Genealogy from the Institute and how I can build it into my already crammed schedule.

My latest editing project is A Man Called Andreas. Andy Kroneberger conducted an enormous amount of research and compiled it into a book. My task is to edit the book to make it ready to publish. As I edit Chapter One I continue to learn from what he has written. He has connected with many relatives and one of them may well be a Herrmann relative who descended from the Herrmann's in Mariental. Another valuable contact which merits my follow-up.

My second coloring book Maggie Visits Casper is next on my list of priorities. After completing my first edit of Andreas I want to devote time to the Maggie project. I hope to draw at least half of the book before I travel to Casper in July.

The more you accomplish, the more you find to do. Memorial Day is a good day to remember it.


Frank said...

I haven't had the energy to do anything this Memorial Day. It took every bit just to turn on my computer. Then I read what you have accomplished. I'm even more tired, yet more motivated. Now if I could only remember what I was going to do.

Anna said...

Ok, but on your blog you said you were in a Tucson bike race. I thought you were camping with Kier. Maybe it was both? Either way, you have reason to b e tired.

Frank said...

We did ride in Tucson, but wimped out on the camping. Son Joe offered a place at his house, along with showers, ping pong, food, and liquid refreshment. The tiredness is the fatigue of the lazy. But I deserve it, dammit!!!!

Anonymous said...

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