Sunday, June 01, 2008

Queen of Multi-Tasking...Photos...Kucher...Pollack to Pollack...Me

I believe in the past I have nominated myself to be Queen of the Multi-Taskers. Today I reign supreme.

I tackled the mountain of stuff which stood resolutely at the front of my desk. I grabbed loose photos, photo albums, boxes and other treasures from the heap. I sat on my couch and worked through it. Photos erupt into memories, memories charge creativity, and I am ready to explode into my next project.

Of course, that is only one task. At the same time, I watched A lot like love with Ashton Kucher which I borrowed from the library. Next up, Pollack. I picked up this DVD because I thought it might be a documentary about Sydney Pollack who passed away this week. I loved his movies and thought my mother would enjoy it.

The movie has nothing to do with Sydney, but everything to do with Jackson, Jackson Pollack that is. Ed Harris is the genius behind it supported by Marcia Gay Harden and Amy Madigan. Amy Madigan? Yes, the same Amy I saw on Broadway as Stella to Alec Baldwin's Stanley Kowalski and Jessica Lange's Blanche.

So, as I watch Pollack's creativity and growth, I am enthused to
continue all of my efforts. I am inspired to color, edit and record
more, even if I need to break away from my priorities and finish a certified payroll report. Even if I want to document this wonderful day with a blog update. Even if I can take a spare moment and review my favorite photos from my trips to Oregon in 2002 and 2004. Do you agree?

I am the Queen. Now onto the French Open.


Frank said...

I bow to your greatness, O' Queen of the Multi-taskers. Can you find time to help me organize my garage? On a side note, I looked up the history of the Multi-Tasking tribe. They were a Frankish tribe that was assimilated by the Ostrogoths about 300AD. They were the glue that held the various Gothic tribes together while they invaded the Roman empire. I believe they came from the Russian steppes and were well known for their sartorial splendor, their blue eyes, a love of wine, and an uncanny ability to do about 40 things at once. They never needed weapons to conquer their enemies. Their enemies (and friends) collapsed in exhaustion just watching them work. Or relax , for that matter.

Anna said...

A Frankish Tribe? The Ostrogoths? My ancestors were so busy working they would have never noticed any take-overs as they prevailed to plow the land and bring in the harvest. I also did my laundry, made breakfast and lunch, and will try to relax with a swim later. Go Nadal!