Sunday, June 08, 2008

Multi-tasking part II

I love the weekends. I accomplished so much on Saturday and if I get half as much done today, I will be pleased.

My links to Moselle Lorraine gives a greater appreciation of the French culture and the close links to the Germanic states of my ancestors. Yesterday was a warm up for all things French. So, I played tennis, shopped, went to the library. shopped, swam and in celebration of Ana Ivanovic's victory at the French Open...made french onion soup followed by the movie French Kiss.

So, as a continuation of the French theme, the first item on the agenda for today is the men's French Open final. Nadal and Federer make history for the 3rd straight year. So I check email, update blogs and enjoy the two best tennis players in the world duke it out. Then, I will cook wild rice cranberry pancakes, vegetable stew, clean windows, edit two books, organize my day job work, and then, interview my mother for at least a few hours.

I bought the AARP book Conversations with my mother, A keepsake journal for celebrating a lifetime of stories. I have always asked a lot of questions, and today I'll use this resource. I know there are stories I may have missed or forgotten. Today I will use the time with her to explore unchartered territories. Today I will record it.

Is there a better way to celebrate our lives? If you have found it, let me know.


Frank said...

I am waiting for the day when a Frenchman finally winsat Roland Garros. Allez Gasquet!!!

Anna said...

Perhaps Brad Gilbert said it correctly when he said Gasquet always blows a gasket somewhere along the way! I think he even called him Gasket.

Frank said...

That's it! Brad Gilbert is definitely off my Xmas card list!!!

Anna said...

I'm sorry I destroyed the Brad Gilbert/Gasquet illusion for you. Brad's cohorts at the sports desk were aghast at his comment, then cracked up to think he actually said it!