Monday, September 29, 2008

Counting down to Argentina and Family History Month...

It’s September 29 and I’m counting down the days until my trip to Argentina. Since I leave on November 2, the countdown covers the entire month of October.

So, I have big plans every day in October. You may recall that October is Family History Month. Check out It is the perfect time to review your progress on what you want to accomplish with your family research, celebrations, scrapbooks and genealogy.

I also want to research as much as I can about Argentina. I take great pleasure learning as much as I can about where I will be before my trips. I enjoyed investigating Casper, Wyoming and I want to do the same for Argentina. Yet, Casper is one city, and in Argentina, I will travel throughout the country. I also need to brush up on my limited Spanish.

Each day in October, I will share a bit of what I learn about Argentina and offer an encore presentation of some of the thirty-one ways to celebrate Family History Month. The original ways are available for review on the October 2007 blog, so this October the encore tips will be updated for this year plus includes some South American flavor. Stay tuned…more fun to come.


Frank said...

I am excited to read what you will be posting in October. I am also excited about your trip to Argentina. Take lots of pictures.

Anna said...

I hope to have a lot of pix. I need to get more memory for my camera so I can use the film. I have plenty to research in October!