Friday, September 05, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

OK, you have to check out my side bar and see the photos of my celebrity look-alikes. My daughter emailed me her look-alikes and I just had to try it. Whereas she had some very obvious modern takes on her look I was pleasantly surprised to have modern era and Hollywood era represented in my results. I was particularly pleased to see Janet Leigh and Stefanie Powers, two women I always considered classically beautiful. Sharon Osbourne was a bit expected, especially with my new look. Eva Peron fits in perfectly since I plan to go to Argentina in November (more on that in my next post). Sarah Ferguson and Mae West were unexpected, but I can see a resemblance. Now, I just have to Google the other women and find out who they are!

I can't vouch for the site completely at this point, but I certainly had fun with this feature and it merits further investigation by all of us family historians.