Sunday, September 16, 2007

Family History lives in Prescott

The Prescott Book Festival sponsored by the Professional Writers of Prescott and the Arizona Authors Assocation was a fabulous experience. Thanks to all of the peoople who visited the National Association of Women Writers booth. Many of you expressed an interest in family history, and, in such a historic city as Prescott, who wouldn't?

David Morrell's writing workshop inspired me to continue with my work and research of family history. Morrell wrote a number of best seller thillers yet he is best known for his Rambo series of books. He founded the International Thrillers Writers, Inc. He confided to the group about the commitment and distinctiveness necessary to succeed as an author. One of my favorite anecdotes was Morrell's story about Stephen King. When King was asked, "Why do you write horror?" King asked, "Why do you think I have a choice?" To me, this answer summarizes my passion for writing family history.

I am certain I will return to this outstanding festival next year.


Frank said...

The quote from Stephen King really hit home. I am glad you shared the anecdote. I, like you, do not go for the Rambo or horror genre of books, but your observation that the spark of creativity that drives all of us comes from the same source is spot on. I am glad you enjoyed your experience in Prescott and hope you can share some more of them in your blog.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Thanks for the feedback. I was asked to share a 5 minute synopsis of the workshop at the next Scottsdale chapter of NAWW on the 26th, so I may do a rehearsal run of it at the writer's group meeting on Saturday.