Monday, September 03, 2012


When I tell people I am from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, some laugh, some sigh and others completely understand how wonderful it was to have grown up in this city.

I go there whenever I can when am in Wisconsin and last August was no exception. My daughter and I headed out of Milwaukee around 7:30, caught I-43 north and drove the familiar route along Lake Michigan to exit at Hwy 23 east.  A few of the sights have changed as the old Ponderosa/Sizzler  is now Luigi's Italian Restaurant, but there were no issues finding out way around this quaint lakeside town.

Breakfast was the first stop and we were delighted with our choice of Field to Fork Cafe. Located in the heart of downtown on 8th Street, this restaurant and small grocery store satisfied our hunger.  I chose the biscuits and gravy, while Ashley had the frittata. The biscuits were outstanding and, although the frittata did not look like a typical frittata, the flavor was delectable.

After breakfast, we drove past where my parents attended school. Central High School, I was happy to discover, is now in service as a charter school.  The building looked better than ever and I was pleased the halls were alive again with students.

Next stop, the Lakefront, one of my favorite stops in Wisconsin.  I hope the pictures speak for themselves.  Gorgeous serenity.

We were at the lake shore at approximately 10 a.m. Yet there were extra stops to make including the cemeteries.  Sheboygan, Wisconsin is much more than one imagines when hearing those two words. Stay tuned. Plenty more to come.


Michelle Goodrum said...

My great grandmother's family immigrated to Sheboygan. It's nice to see what the area looks like.

Frank said...

Sheboygan. The name alone makes me want to go there. It looks like you had a fabulous time. And, asusual, the photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Anna said...

Thanks for the comments! Michelle, were your grandparents from Reinwald, Russa? Many who came to Sheboygan were from this small village.

Michelle Goodrum said...

They were from a little town in Germany called Burtgonna. Interesting about Reinwald Russia. I didn't know that!