Monday, August 27, 2012

Alice is now 90 years and twelve days old

We celebrated Alice Bartkowski's 90th birthday during the five days I visited Milwaukee.

We enjoyed our vacation so much I question if I can adequately describe it to you. It will take a number of posts for me to scratch the surface of how I felt, what I learned and how much I want to return.

For today, let me share a few of the pictures which chronicle the event. I snapped over 425 pictures in Wisconsin. Photographs are a precious part of family history research. If we were part of the festivities, the pictures help us re-live the events. If the pictures are of our ancestors and times past, I look into their eyes and try to imagine their thoughts and feelings when the camera shutter clicked.

I can read much in what I see as I look into the eyes of these photographs. It makes it quite easy for me to continue to celebrate this event in my heart.

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