Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take a deep breath...

When I originally made plans for the month of May, I had no idea how hectic my life would really be. Between my daughter Becky's graduation from Arizona State University and my mother' hospitalization and subsequent move to a skilled nursing center, I squeezed in my job and guests for the special occasion.

But, today is Saturday and my favorite day of the weekend. The graduation is over, although another one looms in the next week. Yet, today I get a dose of normalcy I missed so far in May.

While Becky enjoys her weekend away in Portland, I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens with Ashley and her Dad. What an exquisite walk. I have been to the gardens many times before, however each time is a unique experience as you can see from the pictures.

Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow from the graduation party.


Frank said...

As usual, I remain in awe in the manner in how you have kept a balnace with all the crazinees you have gone through this month. And it's still not over... Whew!

Your strength and grace are an inspiration. I also look forward to your posts and photos. Sometimes I wonder if it's not all of life's little challenges (and big ones, too) that really identify us as individuals and as families. The way you have been able to balance all the whackiness in your life is not only a testament to you, but to your family as well. And these traits are probably going to be found in your daughters and their children as well. What a wonderful legacy you are leaving them besides just the written word.

Anna said...

Thank you, Frank. What a wonderful perspective.