Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorials, Hospitals and Graduations

Last year my Mom told me, "If I am alive, I will be in Arizona for the graduations."

We laughed about that last week since neither of us knew at the time how true the statement was. Mom is here in Arizona although she is now two for two of being in the hospital during the graduation ceremony.

When Becky graduated from ASU, Mom was at Mercy Gilbert. When Ashley graduates on Wednesday from Basha High School, Mom will still be at Chandler Regional. And, tomorrow when our country celebrates Memorial Day, I plan to be at her side again in this hospital room.

Little did I realize how torn I would feel trying to celebrate such milestones and coordinate my mother's care. But, when family needs you, you do everything you can in the moment to ease their way. And, as far as be memories go, this month of May 2010 will stay in my mind and heart forever.
Photo courtesy of Duane Stabler

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Frank said...

May 2010 is definitely a bump in your life's journey, but it sounds like it has been full of everything life has to offer. And it seems to have been a month full of transitions. For Becky and Ashley as they now plan for their futures; and for your mother as she has reached the sunset of her life. But you have been the link between all. Your strength is an inspiration.