Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday night was almost lonely without "Who Do You Think You Are"

I really missed that show last night. But, I did hear some good news. It has been renewed for a second season. I am ecstatic.

Of course, I had plenty on my plate last night as I prepared for the WRITE Stuff workshops today at the Chandler library.
My presentation is "WRITE to the Heart of the Matter" which covers all types of writing and includes great interactive exercises. Join us if you can. The workshop promises four excellent speakers and over seventy attendees.

And, the show will go on the road on May 6. when I present a similar writing workshop exclusively for the Saddlebrooke Genealogists.
One of the exercises is to focus on the first sentence. Obviously, this sentence is critical to get an agent, editor or everyone interested in your story and critical when you do not have a cover designed to draw in the reader. So, to jump start your writing, take a good look at the picture on this blog. Use it as your inspiration to write the first sentence of your next book, story, or blog. Spend only five minutes on it, your sentence does not need to be perfect.
Add your sentences as comments to my blog and let's see how many fantastic ideas and story lines we can compose. I will share mine later this weekend after the workshop. I also have an interesting example from a good friend.

I wish everyone one thing this weekend...write and enjoy your family. Life moves so quickly at times, savor every minute. Even the bad stuff. It's the experiences that builds bonds which last much longer than we do. And, with the stories we have heard from "Who Do You Think You Are," we are well aware of how the next generation needs to know about what we did. Let's all leave a good trail to follow.


Frank said...

Great post! I wish I could have been at the workshop. What is your first sentence based on the picture?

Anna said...

Here is a favorite from a friend in my writer's group...
" Bruce was surprised by the emtoions he felt after he realized the lava field he had just pushed his wife into looked exactly like the lights of the city seen from the hill where he had proposed to her so many years ago."

Now who wouldn't want to read teh rest of that book.